Checkers Takes Proactive eDiscovery Approach with Unified Email SharePoint and File Archiving

Checkers Drive-In Restaurants has standardized on Mimosa NearPoint for unified email, SharePoint and file archiving. The nation's largest chain of double drive-thru restaurants relies on Mimosa for discovery and retention management to deliver proactive eDiscovery processes, while eliminating the need for IT resources to fulfill discovery requests.

With two drive-thru lanes and a walk-up window at more than 800 locations, Checkers/Rally's is ideally positioned for today's on-the-go guest. Its mission is to serve top-quality meals at a great value with guest-obsessed hospitality, speed and accuracy at its double drive-thru lanes, and to foster a culture where employees are well-trained and well rewarded and franchisees are supported in their endeavors to better the brand.

The eDiscovery drain
This fast-moving restaurant chain was facing an increasing time and resource drain in the area of eDiscovery. It was taking the company days to search and find the results of eDiscovery requests which continued to place an increasing burden on IT resources. Checkers/Rally's initially implemented a first-generation archiving solution, however it was quickly apparent that the solution was difficult to manage, didn't perform complete archives and didn't support end-user search and restore capabilities. Checkers/Rally's turned to Mimosa to streamline the restaurant chain's Exchange and SharePoint eDiscovery processes. As a result, Mimosa has eliminated the need for IT to fulfill discovery requests by instituting a turnkey search for legal and HR to quickly complete these requests in minutes versus days, saving significant time and money.

"Mimosa allowed us to empower our human resources and legal teams with the ability to fulfill their own requests, freeing the IT team to do its job," says Antonio Zambrano, IT director, Checkers/Rally's. "The Mimosa solution was so powerful we implemented it for all of our archiving requirements including email, file server, and SharePoint. The data classification feature is exceptionally fast for files and file management and the SharePoint archiving functionality is also instrumental for data protection and recovery. Overall, Mimosa gives me peace of mind that all company content is archived in a unified system that simply works, with the speed and accuracy our company expects. I sleep better at night."

Key features of the Mimosa NearPoint solution for Checkers/Rally's include:

  • Efficient and Comprehensive eDiscovery: Mimosa NearPoint has several features that expedite the eDiscovery process for Checkers/Rally's users by leveraging complete content capture. These features include individual item-level legal holds, conversation and proximity analysis, and an intuitive search within a search, while demonstrating chain of custody as archived content moves through the workflow.
  • Comprehensive Capture of SharePoint Content: Mimosa NearPoint captures all SharePoint content types via Object Model and preserves relationships between sites and content while delivering continuous capture via change notification.
  • Next-Generation Architecture: Mimosa NearPoint's unique architecture does not require journaling or any agents on either the Exchange Server or user desktops. This simplified Checkers/Rally's deployment and ensured there was no impact on production Exchange Server performance.
  • Self-Service Search of Archived Data: NearPoint gives Checkers/Rally's employees seamless self-service access to their archived data so that they may find potentially "lost" or deleted messages without IT assistance.
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