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Check Point Surveys Capture Real-Time Guest Feedback

Long Range Systems, (LRS) has announced the launch of Check Point Surveys, a tablet survey application that helps businesses collect on-site customer feedback.
The Check Point cross-platform application works on iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from the Android app store now and available in the Apple store soon. Downloads include a free 30-day trial, after which prices range from $29-$99 per month based on the number of tablet devices using Check Point at a location.
Check Point contains a survey builder tool for users to craft questions that fit their specific business needs. Surveys include question branching. That is, conditional logic that tailors survey questions in real time, based on previous answers. For example:
Question: Did you order the chef’s special feature today?
If guest answers yes: Please rate the feature on a scale of 1 to 5.
Surveys can be customized with company logos to provide a branded experience, and images may accompany questions for research and development opportunities around new product ideas.
When connected to Wi-Fi, the application can notify managers via text message when guests leave a negative response, allowing management to talk with unhappy customers immediately and address their concerns. Tablets with Check Point do not require an Internet connection to collect responses; they will upload data to the application upon connection.
A key feature of Check Point is the ability to use analytics and reporting. Because the feedback is immediate, management is able to quickly identify issues with underperforming staff members, service, or products like restaurant menu items or hotel accommodations. With aggregated data, management is able to measure customer satisfaction over time and compare results across locations to identify trends and improve service levels. This data can further be used to level-set and benchmark goals and expectations for employees and multiple locations.
Scientific studies have shown that respondents prefer to complete surveys via tablet devices for a variety of reasons, including the ease of use and immediate access to the survey. Customers who participated in the Check Point beta program have reported response rates upwards of 70 percent.
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