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CES News:Alfred Technologies’ Wine & Spirits Inventory Solution Debuts

Guy Doucet CEO of Alfred Technology
Guy Doucet, CEO of Alfred Technology

Alfred Technologies Inc. is launching Alfred 4.0, the newest version of its innovative wine and spirits inventory management application at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas  this week.   

The new Alfred is now available in the U.S.

The Alfred 4.0 beverage inventory and supply management solution for hospitality became available in the U.S. market on January 3 and coincides with the company opening an office in San Francisco last month. 

Several renowned Canadian establishments have already streamlined their wine and spirits inventory management by implementing the Alfred application, such as Fairmont Le Château Frontenac (Accor Hotels), Chez Lionel, Le Coureur des Bois and Le Golf St-Raphaël.

American clients include Epic Steak, a renowned restaurant overlooking the iconic San Francisco Bay Bridge, as well as the Intercontinental Hotel in San Francisco, recognized for its leadership in new practices and sustainable development. The Alfred solution will also be implemented at Luce, the Michelin-starred San Francisco restaurant, which has a cellar of nearly 8,000 bottles, and was recognized with the "Best of Award of Excellence" by Wine Spectator magazine.

Version 4.0 Debuts at CES

Alfred's team will be present for the official launch of its new solution during CES. Alfred’s team is proud to count within its ranks the renowned sommelier Rajat Parr as an Alfred Ambassador and Tony Cha, as a Special Consultant.

Alfred will be your restaurant’s new must-have. Alfred is a game changer at a time the restaurant industry needs it the most. This A.I.-powered management app helps your restaurant become more profitable, simplifies boring and tedious tasks and enables you to spend more time with your clients, to offer them the best customer experience possible. It also gives you detailed information to support short and long-term inventory management,” said Rajat Parr, Worlde-Renowned Sommelier.

Key features of the initial version of the Alfred solution, specifically designed to increase productivity and profitability, and improve user experience for restaurant and hotel owners and staff, are retained in version 4.0 of the app. A unique perpetual inventory tracking tool eliminates the need for periodic manual inventory. Access to a database of more than 300,000 wines and spirits provides reference information, including product market value and optimal tasting range (OTR).

Innovative new functions powered by A.I. have been implemented in version 4.0 to simplify usage and optimize tedious steps in the beverage inventory process. New functions include intelligent invoice recognition by reverse image search for easier stocking, synchronization with various POS systems, and detailed business intelligence reports with analytical data.

“With Alfred, running an inventory report  takes only one minute, and it contains a complete catalog of our cellar. It used to take two weeks to do an inventory,” said Mathieu St-Onge, Restaurant Manager, L’Estérel Resort

“Honestly, if we didn’t have Alfred, we would need to add at least one or two additional employees to accomplish everything I now do alone,”said Joanie Métivier, Head Sommelier, Ripplecove Hôtel & Spa.

Founded in 2008, Alfred Technologies Inc. is a Canadian company that offers innovative technological solutions for beverage inventory management destined for the restaurant, bar and hotel industries, as well as private wine collectors.

Its unique perpetual inventory concept eliminates the need for periodic inventory counts. Powered by artificial intelligence, the solutions minimize beverage inventory management efforts and maximize profitability by enhancing the value of specialty wines through an intelligent wine list. Alfred also takes over non-value-creating tasks so that restaurant professionals can focus on staff well-being and offer an enhanced customer experience.

Supported by an in-house team of passionate experts from the restaurant and technology industries, Alfred is currently carrying out the most ambitious artificial intelligence project for beverage inventory management in Canada while keeping the human element at the heart of our development.

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