Cenium Announces the Launch of Cenium Hospitality ERP Connector

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Cenium AS, a global provider of hospitality fulfillment software solutions, announced the release of the Cenium Hospitality ERP Connector, an Add-on solution to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This provides a smooth integration and synchronization between the two solutions.

At the same time, the solution is available on the Microsoft Appsource.

As Master Data, such as items, customers, contacts or currency exchange rates can be generated or changed in the two solutions, the ERP Connector ensures real-time synchronization automatically. This avoids additional work or risk of errors.

Also, it provides an integrated tracking-ID between the two solutions, so that finalized sales documents from Cenium are easily traced in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central General Ledger and Accounts Receivables, through an ID-code and hence a full audit trail.

The ERP Connector Add-On is already implemented at Íslandshótel on Iceland. As their Chief Accountant Erla Kristinsdóttir, says;

Islandshotel implemented Cenium in 2018 as the system offered more solutions than the company´s previous system. The Cenium ERP Connector is the latest addition and change to the system. It´s a key improvement and enables us to streamline financial control and auditing processes, also to combine data to improve our analytics capabilities. Cenium’s staff has knowledge of our needs and our cooperation has been successful where there is mutual respect.”

Michael Ramm Østgaard, the CEO of Cenium AS, says “Our goal is to help hospitality groups to gain control of their operational processes. With this smooth integration, there will never again be unclarities between the operational hospitality system and the finance system”.

In parallel with releasing the new solution, the ERP Connector is also available through Microsoft Appsource , which is a sign of the robustness and quality of the Cenium solutions.

Contact Cenium for more information at [email protected]

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