Cendyn Announces Next-Generation Customer Data Platform, Starling

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Cendyn announces Starling, Cendyn's next-generation customer data platform (CDP). Starling unites, transforms, cleanses, and enriches millions of data points from all your technology solutions, giving you the ability to take control of your data and keep guests at the heart of what you do.

As a CDP, Starling integrates your systems, so they communicate with each other simultaneously, creating limitless possibilities to activate your data and provide personalization at every touchpoint of the guest's journey. Building on Cendyn's extensive library of existing data integrations, Starling's open APIs are flexible and agile, so you can easily connect any data source into the platform. Data portability ensures you can use Starling data anywhere you need it, across your entire enterprise.

"We are incredibly excited to bring this transformational platform to the hospitality industry," said Tim Sullivan, President & CEO of Cendyn. "As we continue to execute on our vision to personalize and optimize every touchpoint on the guest journey through data intelligence and automation, Starling CDP becomes the foundation of that vision, unlocking incredible value for our customers, partners, and the entire industry."

With every action taken, you have a detailed history of each data point throughout its lifetime. Starling's comprehensive audit trails provide a detailed account of your data changes, so you have complete trust in your ability to adhere to global privacy regulations.

Available to purchase in Q1 2021, contact Cendyn today to get on the highly anticipated waitlist for Starling.

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