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Case Study: New POS Tech Generates Revenue, BOH Efficiencies for Prep & Pastry

The breakfast/brunch concept found that changing out their POS technology during COVID-19 created significant improvements across the board.
Tabit Prep & Pastry MURTEC 2024

During MURTEC 2024, attendees had the chance to listen to Katie Sanzo, Project Manager, Prep & Pastry and Shelly Matityahu, Director, Presales, Tabit discuss how Prep & Pastry was experiencing operational challenges in running their multiple locations. When the company first began about 10 years ago, Sanzo signed up with Aloha for their POS system.

“We were with Aloha for a long time,” Sanzo explained. “It’s been around forever and everyone is familiar with it. It has its own pros and cons. We weren’t expecting to leave it but then the pandemic happened.”

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Prep & Pastry started looking for a new POS system that would give them online ordering capabilities, be mobile friendly, offer handheld hardware, and would integrate with Restaurant365. Prep & Pastry’s credit card processor recommended that they look into Tabit. 

When Sanzo began testing Tabit’s capabilities, she noticed a few different things. First, the handhelds were larger than traditional ones. Second, it’s check splitting software was the “fastest and best we’d ever seen.” Third, the tip pooling system “was absolutely wild.”

“We do tip pooling at all of our stores,” she explains. “It would take our managers probably 30 minutes [to add up the tips]. Then I would run payroll at the end of a shift and find that the managers had tipped out $5,000 but only took in $4,500. So, we’d have to find the discrepancy. With Tabit, tip pooling became so easy.”

From an operational point of view, the servers are also very happy with the Tabit system. 

“One day after we put Tabit into a new location, I went to the bartender and put in a crazy order just to test her out,” Sanzo added. “It took her two seconds. If your waitstaff is under the age of 25, they’re going to pick up this system so fast.”

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