Carnival Corporation Reinitiates Installation Program of BioHiTech's Food Waste Digesters on Its Ships

BioHiTech Global, Inc., a technology and services company that provides cost-effective and sustainable waste management solutions, announced that Carnival Corporation & plc, has reinitiated its installation program of BioHiTech's Revolution Series Digesters onboard its ships in preparation for the eventual resumption of cruising.

BioHiTech has received purchase orders from Carnival Corporation valued at approximately $635,000 and expects to commence shipments late in the third quarter of 2020.  The purchase orders are part of the previously announced purchase contract between the two companies with an estimated value of up to $14 million. The purchase contract calls for BioHiTech to provide each ship designated by Carnival Corporation with multiple Revolution Series Digesters as well as ongoing cloud-based data analytics and supplies.  BioHiTech's Revolution Series Digesters will help further improve the environmental impact of Carnival Corporation's operations by safely disposing of food waste on-site and reducing the amount of greenhouse gases emitted from conventional processing systems. The Company's data analytics platform will also provide real-time transparency for food waste generation to help in Carnival Corporation's waste reduction efforts.

"Through this partnership, Carnival Corporation is making important strides in reducing greenhouse gasses as well as achieving important sustainability goals to further its leading role in environmental stewardship," said Frank E. Celli, CEO of BioHiTech Global. "By expanding the utilization of our products in its fleet, Carnival Corporation ships can safely eliminate onboard food waste while improving operational efficiencies through our proprietary data analytics platform. We look forward to the work ahead and to expanding our relationship with this important customer."

Bill Burke, chief maritime officer for Carnival Corporation, added: "As we prepare for the future resumption of cruising, environmental stewardship is a critical focus for our organization, and we are happy to be working with BioHiTech as one of our important vendors supporting environmental compliance. By progressively installing their food waste digesters on our ships, we can use data to improve efficiencies while reducing our overall environmental impact.  This, in conjunction with our other ongoing initiatives, is another important step for our company's overall commitment to compliance, environmental protection and a more sustainable cruise industry."

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