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Carino's Italian Uses Micros Kitchen Display System

Fired Up, Inc., operating as Carino’s Italian, has begun implementation of the MICROS Kitchen Display System (KDS) in its restaurants. The MICROS KDS is helping Carino’s Italian, a long time MICROS customer, achieve its goal of utilizing a single kitchen display technology solution.

Carino’s Italian, known for its focus on fresh ingredients and handmade dishes, has grown from its grassroots beginnings in Texas to more than 135 locations across the country and abroad. To simplify the support and upgrade of its technology, Fired Up, Inc. recently made the strategic decision to drop its multi-vendor approach to kitchen display technology and implement a fully integrated solution provided from MICROS.

The restaurant chain has begun the process with the implementation of MICROS’s KDS, a highly visible and graphically rich display that is seamlessly integrated with MICROS RES. MICROS KDS is mounted in the kitchen or food preparation area to display and time food orders, improving order accuracy and speed of service.

“We are excited to expand our partnership with MICROS as we streamline this process with one technology vendor,” says Bridget Hoover, director of tax, treasury and technology, Carino’s Italian.

“The MICROS Kitchen Display System is perfect in providing us with an all-inclusive solution for our kitchen operations.”

The roll-out of MICROS’s KDS at Fired Up, Inc. is a solid first step in preparation for the deployment of MICROS Simphony, which will provide the restaurant chain with a common database and a simpler support model.
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