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Burger Chain Readies for Expansion with Updated POS Software

Moo Gourmet Burgers has partnered with Shift8 to improve its point of sale capabilities. Shift8 has revolutionized the way retailers can operate loyalty programs and utilize their sales data.
With the expansion of Moo Gourmet Burgers the old POS system was not able to keep up. Operators wanted a way to get fast, real-time data from all its locations delivered to wherever a manager was at the time. 
Shift8 has created a free loyalty program through the point of sale technology, which they setup and manage for clients. The program is integrated into a client’s sales so that they can accurately identify most profitable customers, average spend and areas of opportunity to target customers more effectively ensuring a return on investment.
Shift8 is dedicated to creating systems that allow business owners fast access to their sales data. All of a client’s historical data can be transfered into the Shift8 system so a client doesn’t need to wait a year to compare year on year or month on month sales, it happens immediately.

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