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Bunt Software and Merchant Link Extend Life of Panasonic POS System with SMPLink

When Panasonic decided to stop supporting the Panasonic System Manager Pro (SMP), it left approximately 3,500 merchants and Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) needing to scramble for an alternative point-of-sale (POS) credit interface, potentially leading to a unnecessary and expensive investment in a new POS. For SMP dealers and resellers, this change meant that any investment into the SMP would have been wasted.

Merchant Link and Bunt Software have announced the development of a next generation point-of-sale payment interface called SMPLink. Replacing the existing SMP credit interface, SMPLink provides a cost-effective solution extending the life of SMP for many years. Merchants currently using SMP can easily install SMPLink on the Panasonic POS system and will enjoy the benefits of TransactionVault, Merchant Link's tokenization technology that removes credit card data from the POS system, lowering the risk of data breaches and dramatically reducing PCI compliance efforts.

Merchants who already use Merchant Link will be able to easily upgrade to SMPLink, which is slated to launch in mid-July. Merchant Link's TransactionVault replaces guests' credit card numbers and replaces them with unique "tokens." Meanwhile, guests' actual credit card information is safeguarded at one of Merchant Link's secure data centers, far away from the POS.

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