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Brain Corp., Tennant Co. Team Up to Introduce Autonomous Cleaning Machines

San Diego-based AI company Brain Corp has partnered with Tennant Co. to create self-driving commercial floor cleaning machines.

Brain’s proprietary AI robotic technology software platform, BrainOS, automates commercial-grade equipment, including commercial floor care machines. The new relationship will produce autonomous cleaning machines that have been designed to maximize productivity and increase efficiency for Tennant customers.

The first Tennant product powered by the BrainOS AI robotic technology is the T7 Micro-Rider floor scrubber. Tennant will introduce them to its North American customers with before rolling them out worldwide. Additional products are planned.

Like many other industries, the cleaning industry is undergoing a transition as a result of disruptive technologies that are driving greater automation.  The commercial cleaning market is the initial application of the BrainOS robotics technology.

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