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Boutique Hotel Deploys Wireless System to Monitor Guestroom Conditions

The Mayton Inn, a new construction 45-room boutique hotel in Cary, N.C., is the first hotel to use the power of BACnet integration to combine the InnPoint system from Zeno Controls LLC with Mitsubishi’s City Multi Central Network (CMCN). The technology enables property owners Colin and Deanna Crossman to use Zeno's InnPoint solution to monitor and manage HVAC, lighting and environmental conditions in guestrooms and share the data on the Mitsubishi CMCN.  Installation of the BACnet-compatible InnPoint front end solution will begin after the hotel breaks ground in September. The Mayton Inn is scheduled to open its doors in September 2014.
Zeno provides wireless gateways and integrated solutions for small-to-medium size buildings that require control of lighting and HVAC. Zeno recently acquired Verve Living Systems® to expand on its energy-efficiency control products offering. Based on wireless and energy harvesting technologies, Verve sensors are wireless and battery-less, making them cost effective and eco-friendly.
The management tools being installed by the Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Advanced Products Division are well suited for this hotel and staff, and the InnPoint front-end is complementary as an interface. InnPoint embraces an open architecture, allowing high level integration with existing or proposed building systems on a local or remote basis. Zeno will provide a Verve 10-Channel Controller in each room at the Mayton Inn allowing all lights to be controlled by wireless switches and a Zeno Gateway acting as the master switch. The Verve motion sensor will be linked directly to the 10-Channel Controller as a local control.
Using touchscreen monitors and smartphones/tablets, InnPoint will become a valuable management tool for the Mayton Inn. InnPoint can interface with the hotel property-management system to automatically update room status for housekeeping data and/or transmit temperature/environmental data to other building systems. The InnPoint SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) is built on a Window's 7 platform and is a combination hardware/software solution that can reside on the hotel network. The wireless devices in the room can be either ZigBee and/or EnOcean technology because ZENO uses a "Dual Technology" Gateway that supports both end-devices standards, as well as using the industry standard ZigBee Mesh Network to provide wireless communication between the Gateways.
The Mayton Inn is the second InnPoint project for Zeno Controls. In April, Salvatore's Grand Hotel installed InnPoint, but the Mayton Inn is the first to use the power of the BACnet integration. InnPoint is suitable for all hospitality projects, including: hotels, hospitals, assisted care and military billeting. 
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