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Boston Park Plaza Looks to TTI Technologies for New Business Center

Boston Park Plaza has selected TTI Technologies, to design and install their new business center.
In July of 2011 Boston Park Plaza distributed a RFP to replace their existing business center solution in an effort to consolidate the services provided by three vendors. Crucial to their decision was finding a company that could provide experience along with high quality products and services.
"We evaluated several solutions for outsourcing the Boston Park Plaza Hotels business center, flight information displays and boarding pass kiosks. We turned our attention to TTI Technologies solutions. Having had prior experience with their offering made it an easy choice," says Robert Rush II hotel manager for Boston Park Plaza.
"TTI Technologies has delivered a state-of-the-art business center in our newly renovated space just off of the lobby along with the ARINC Flight Information Display System. The two solutions offer our guests a lower cost solution as well as complimentary boarding pass and shuttle connection services at each workstation" Rush continued.
TTI Technologies offers both free to guest and paid by guest Business Center services. Consulting with each individual property allows the TTI team the opportunity to evaluate the true needs of the property and make recommendations for the right solution to meet those requirements.The company also is the hospitality industry's leading provider of Driver's License/Passport Scanners, Business Centers, Concierge Services and other hotel solutions.
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