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On The Border Offers Guests Mobile Pay

On The Border (OTB) recently surveyed its core customers to learn that 70 percent found “mobile pay” to be appealing. So OTB, the world’s largest casual dining Mexican restaurant brand, through a relationship with NCR Corporation, is now offering the feature at all of its corporate restaurants.
OTB is working with NCR to enhance guests’ speed-of-service and convenience by allowing them to pay their check using their mobile device. In the NCR Mobile Pay process, users can also join Club Cantina, OTB’s email club. Upgrades and additional services to OTB’s current NCR Mobile Pay offering are planned in the coming months.
NCR Mobile Pay is an application that enables guests to browse their bill and pay directly from their smartphone. Seamlessly integrated with the NCR Aloha point-of-sale solution, NCR Mobile Pay is a fast, secure and easy option.
Current key features include but are not limited to:
Increasing speed of service – allowing guests to pay on demand via their mobile devices and helping staff turn tables faster during peak business times.
Reducing the potential for credit card fraud – keeps transactions secure by eliminating the passing of physical credit card information between guests and restaurant staff.
Emailing receipt – guests automatically receive an electronic receipt via email for once the check has been processed and paid.
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