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Boosting Efficiency & Customer Satisfaction Through the POS


Posiflex provides an entire POS hardware solution, which includes high-end products designed for high performance, optimized self-service, flexible mobility and impeccable reliability. With its entire product line manufactured in-house — no third-party outsourcing — Posiflex can streamline its production and monitor its efficiency and quality every step of the way.

In this competitive industry, a restaurant needs to be efficient and have effective tools to increase and maintain profitability and satisfaction. With advances in Point of Sale technology, a restaurateur can acquire these tools from Posiflex’s line of products. In addition to high performance POS terminals and tablets that can be imperative for a business to run optimally, an operator can increase efficiency and revenue simply by adding a self-service option for their patrons. Self-service kiosks can reduce line congestion, which allow staff to focus their attention on other tasks at-hand, thereby increasing overall efficiency. Profitability and customer satisfaction flourish as a result. 

Technology/solution type: Point of Sale hardware: Touch Screen Terminals, Kiosks, Tablets, All-in-One POS

MOST Innovative Features: 

All Posiflex products are fully manufactured in-house — no third-party outsourcing

• Purpose-built for durability, high performance and maximum uptime

• POS solutions that cover virtually any type of restaurant environment

• Products are produced in ISO certified facilities and undergo rigorous third-party testing

• Kiosks are ready-made — no expensive and time-consuming customization needed

Existing customers for this technology include: 

• Multi-Chain Fast Casual Dining, QSRs, Nightclubs & Bars, and Nationwide High-Profile Full-Service Restaurants

An operator can increase efficiency and revenue simply by adding a self-service option for their patrons.

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