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Bluetooth & Location-Based Tech Provide Protection for Hotel Staff

Enseo has announced the new MadeSafe™ alert system for hotel staff safety. MadeSafe™ makes it possible for hoteliers to create a safe work environment for their employees.

Leveraging location-based alerts and Bluetooth wireless technology, MadeSafe™ provides the housekeeping staff with added benefits of protection and comfort. With a simple click of the Personal Locator Device (PLD) worn by the hotel employee, the device identifies distressed employees in real time and effectively notifies security of their exact location in an emergency.

Unlike other hotel security solutions, MadeSafe is built around Bluetooth Smart technology. It combines powerful accuracy with the performance reliability of power-efficient sensors and an easy-to-use, cost-effective hardware option. MadeSafe can be added for hotels as an optional feature with Enseo’s E3® platform and is tailored for the property’s specific size and needs. MadeSafe™ is powered by the same solution that drives Enseo’s High Speed Internet Access (HSIA), digital signage, and HDTV, which includes Bluetooth audio connectivity and Over-The-Top (OTT) applications.

MadeSafe is currently in New York at the Marriott East Side, JW Marriott Essex House, and New York EDITION, and coming soon to hotels around the world.
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