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BlueCart Inc. Releases New Restaurant Inventory Management Tech

BlueCart, a restaurant technology company whose namesake app aims to streamline communication between buyers and suppliers in the hospitality industry, announced the release of a new Inventory Management tool that allows workers and managers in the restaurant industry to take, share, analyze, and react to supply-level data in real time, using just their smartphones.
Working within BlueCart’s ordering app, and in concert with its latest “Order Check-In” feature, Inventory Management gives restaurants and hotels a complete picture of their supply flow. For example, a manager in New York can monitor all inventory being taken in Chicago in real-time, check that new data against each location’s order history, and adjust current and future orders to account for any discrepancies. With BlueCart’s Inventory Management tool, users can create as many inventory sheets as they like, whether it be for the bar or the walk-in refrigerator. When orders are received and checked-in at the restaurant, gaps are flagged instantly, and both restaurants and suppliers are alerted via notifications so that necessary replacements can be shipped. BlueCart’s “Order Check-In” marks the end of signing, scanning and entering invoice data for tracking purposes. Operators no longer need a third party to do manual data entry of invoices; because with BlueCart it’s all paperless.
"The new Inventory Management on BlueCart adds so much value for us as a thriving restaurant chain in Southern California," said Niels Tervoort, General Manager, Cafe Gratitude (San Diego). "It provides more accuracy in tracking my entire inventory, giving me the ability to better judge future orders. I no longer have to waste operations time reviewing invoices and Excel spreadsheets to find this data. It’s all right there on the app."
Because the restaurant industry relies on goods that can’t always be counted using barcodes or tags, logging inventory used to involve hours of scrawling numbers onto a clipboard and then transcribing those numbers into Excel. These error prone spreadsheets were then often buried in a folder on an office computer, never to be seen again. Now, with BlueCart’s Inventory Management, data just flows. The bar manager can log his customized inventory on his phone at the same time the chef is taking hers in the walk-in. Both those lists are then updated in real-time on the General Manager’s master list, and all that data is automatically cross-referenced with what’s been ordered, what’s being checked-in, and what’s about to be ordered. Everything is saved in the cloud so that management can access whatever they need, whenever and wherever they need it. 
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