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Blazing Onion Launches Digital Menu Platform

Lynnwood, Wash.-based fast casual chain Blazing Onion is continuing with its mission to implement new layers of technology throughout its restaurants. The chain has deployed eTouchMenu at its restaurant in Gig Harbor, Wash., and plans to launch the digital menu platform across all seven locations.
eTouchMenu expands on a restaurant's paper menu by taking it one step further through a digital application. The technology is compatible on Android, Windows and Apple devices, and in the case of Blazing Onion, eTouchMenu has increased menu customization options, improved check averages and dessert sales, and enhanced the overall guest connection.
The fast casual segment has proven to be an early adopter of digital menus as tech savvy consumers have created the right environment for their implementation and use. Guests can use eTouchMenu in a self-guided way, giving them more control over their dining experience. Or, restaurant staff can walk each guest through the ordering process, using the platform as a portable POS.  Additionally, the self check-out feature means guests can pay directly through a secure payment processing platform when they are ready to leave.
So far, the biggest benefits for Blazing Onion have been the continued support of the company's full commitment to provide team service, increased check averages and dessert sales. Overall, eTouchMenu delivers an immersive brand experience that restaurant operators and guests can tailor to meet their needs.
Through the use of brand messaging, images, self-ordering and payment transactions, eTouchMenu is reshaping the way restaurant operators guide their customers through the ordering process.
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