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Best Western Launches Loyalty & Social Campaign to Deliver Rewards Guests Demand


Best Western Hotels & Resorts is shaking up the hospitality loyalty space, issuing a “throwdown” to competitors with a boxing-themed video and social media campaign aimed at demonstrating the leadership of its award-winning loyalty program, Best Western Rewards® (BWR®). In the campaign, which went live today, BWR challenges its closest rivals across a variety of important categories, and knocks out the competition. Offering points that never expire, a minimum 10 percent rate discount, the lowest points threshold and unparalleled value benefits for elite members, BWR has secured a TKO across the board.

“Following BWR’s recent refresh and on the heels of a loyalty program study we co-authored with U.S. News & World Report, we know that BWR offers more benefits than any of our competitors. We aren’t afraid to enter the ring and show how superior our program really is in the areas that matter most to Today’s Travelers,” said Dorothy Dowling, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Best Western Hotels & Resorts. “The new BWR delivers easily redeemable rewards, a modern digital membership card, and unrivaled discounts, perks and promotions that are only getting better. We have risen to the challenge imposed by our competitors in recent years, and we truly believe this program now knocks the competition out in every area.”


Round One: Points Stamina

BWR came out blazing in round one and with a surprising opening punch of points that never expire. BWR quickly began crushing the competition whose points expire due to inactivity.


Round Two: Strength of Rate Discounts

With a minimum 10 percent rate discount, BWR delivers a right jab followed by a left hook. BWR’s closest rivals do not offer discounts that match the program’s value.


Round Three: Reward Flexibility

In this test of flexibility, BWR comes out on top, with the lowest number of points required to earn a $25 gift card. BWR’s 6,000-point threshold is just too low for the competition to withstand.


Round Four: Speed to Elite

BWR delivers one final crushing blow, providing the fastest way to get to top status. The company offers elite members a 10 percent discount on all free night redemptions and guaranteed free nights for Diamond and Diamond Select members at properties with availability. BWR also offers no blackout dates for free nights.

Results: TKO – BWR takes the best hotel loyalty program title in a clean sweep! Check out the full “BWR Throwdown” scorecard below.

“We know that the competition may want a rematch, but our loyal BWR members can rest assured that we’ll be ready when the time comes,” continued Dowling.

To witness firsthand BWR’s dominant performance, see how BWR throws down and enjoy a blow-by-blow recap of the loyalty program battle by clicking here.

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