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Best Western International Improves ADR with Real-Time Rate Shopping Tool

Best Western International will integrate its revenue management program, BestREVSM, with Revcaster.  All 2,100 North American properties will have an easier, more affordable way to gather rate data and set prices competitively.  
The Revcaster hotel shopping tools assists Best Western hotels to have higher performance. The tool makes it easy to see the ADR percent change difference between a hotel that uses comp-set pricing data and those that do not. Best Western management can check properties that do not actively use revenue management services against Revcaster. In some cases, revenue-managed properties have shown double the improvement of non-revenue-managed properties.
Revcaster’s comp-set pricing tools are easy to use by hotel staff with limited or little technical training. In 2011, Best Western International announced it would provide Revcaster’s competitive rate shopping tools for hotels to its members to help them improve ADR at their hotels. All 2,100 hotels have the option to purchase additional rate services from Revcaster.
In 2015, BestREVSM will integrate Revcaster’s rate data with the JDA Software system to make the final pricing recommendations for all future dates at each hotel.
The BestREVSM system made its debut in October 2014 at the annual Best Western convention.  It was created by Best Western’s information services, revenue management services and JDA Software.
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