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Benseron Implements Comodo to Secure 20,000 POS Systems

POS solutions innovator Benseron integrated technology from cybersecurity solutions provider the Comodo organization—specifically, its Comodo SecureBox containment technology—to help secure more than 20,000 Benseron point of sale units across the globe.  
Benseron will layer the Comodo SecureBox technology into its POS offerings to specifically address gaps in an installed base using Windows operating system and traditional anti-virus software.
Comodo SecureBox is part of Comodo's suite of enterprise security solutions; the technology is especially important if employees, partners, and customers are accessing sensitive data while in a restaurant where an Internet connection is typically unsecured.  
Comodo SecureBox utilizes unique containerization technology to protect applications and data against unknown threats including remote takeover, keylogging, SSL sniffing, zero-day malware, fund transfer fraud, and data exfiltration.
It is a secure containment and endpoint solution that enables users to safely interact with mission-critical applications on potentially malware-infected devices, such as company computers, point of sale systems and ATMs.  Comodo SecureBox can combat malicious software like PoSeidon, which was specifically designed to steal credit and debit card data from hacked POS devices.  
Benseron is a global POS solutions provider with customers in retail, restaurants, beverage and quick service establishments across the globe.  Its flagship point of sale offering, Bevo POS, is a simple, highly flexible and customizable POS solution with cloud enterprise business intelligence tools.  
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