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Bematech Releases KitchenGo allee

Bematech, a point of sale (POS) and kitchen display system (KDS) solution provider, introduced KitchenGo allee, the first independent KDS software developed on an iOS platform. This management tool for restaurant enterprises delivers streamlined workflows and greater operational efficiencies that add up to significant cost savings.

Developed with more than 30 years of knowledge in KDS and cutting-edge technologies, KitchenGo allee empowers restaurant managers with increased control over the food preparation process. KitchenGo allee’s Expeditor screen provides greater visibility with a breakdown of activity at each station. The solution also provides a practical way to manage workflows with communication methods tailored to the growing millennial workforce’s behaviors and preferences.

Bematech also designed KitchenGo allee with employee productivity and enhanced customer service in mind. Recommended for iPad Pro, KitchenGo allee’s UI design follows Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines (HIG), providing a familiar, intuitive interface that enables employees to work efficiently and deliver a high level of service.

KitchenGo allee’s developmental roadmap includes integrating wearable devices in the future for even greater efficiencies in day-to-day kitchen operations.


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