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Bell and Howell Partners with Savioke Inc. for Service Industry Robots

Bell and Howell, a provider of solutions and services for communications and commerce technology solutions, entered into a new service pilot agreement with Savioke Inc., a developer of autonomous delivery robots for the services industry. Bell and Howell will perform services under a pilot agreement in North America for Savioke’s Relay robot for the hospitality industry, starting immediately.
Bell and Howell will provide installation, service, and call center support for Savioke’s North American customers, as well as remote monitoring of the Relay robots. Maintenance and support services will provide Savioke customers with the utmost ease of operation, reliability and scalability, according to the company.
“This exciting partnership allows both companies to achieve our mutual goals of delivering the very best technology, expertise and service to the autonomous-robot market,” stated Ramesh Ratan, CEO of Bell and Howell. “Savioke customers now have access to service support for one of the most innovative products and solutions available today.”
“I am very excited to partner with Bell and Howell,” said Steve Cousins, CEO of Savioke. “With their outstanding service organization, ‘customer-first’ attitude, and nationwide field-service footprint, they will offer the best service available.”
Savioke describes itself as a “Robot as a Service (RaaS)” company that is leading the market in autonomous delivery robots, starting with the hospitality industry. Savioke further plans to revolutionize the way things move in hotels, elder care facilities, hospitals, restaurants… anywhere people sleep or eat.
Savioke provides fully integrated robot delivery services in a customer’s environment. The robots move and interact seamlessly with the humans that they serve. This includes mapping the environment, and interfacing with elevator and telephone systems. Systems are designed to meet customers’ immediate requirements, and can add capability in the future without loss of initial investment, Savioke said.
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