Beekeeper Announces ‘Frontline Future’ Event, a Global Summit on the Rise of Frontline Workers

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Beekeeper, the mobile-first collaboration platform designed specifically for frontline workers, announced Frontline Future, a groundbreaking virtual summit dedicated to the frontline workforce. On May 6, 2021, industry leaders from Europe and North America will join Beekeeper for keynote talks, interactive workshops, and in-depth panels to discuss the future of the frontline workforce.

Registration is now open.

Frontline workers have always been an essential part of industries like healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and hospitality. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world recognized their extraordinary value in the global economy. However, the frontline workforce has often been left disconnected, and companies are suffering because of it.

2021 is the year of the frontline worker. Companies are reorganizing their business models to create a more agile and connected workforce that includes everyone in their organizations. With a 70% rise in mobile device usage over this past year, leaders have a prime opportunity to digitally enable and empower their frontline workers, gain valuable insights from these teams, and build a stronger foundation to increase safety and productivity.

Frontline Future will be a one-day global event, exploring the rise of the frontline workforce and how companies can leverage mobile collaboration tools to engage and empower these essential workers. Attendees can join this summit either through a dedicated track—operations, HR, IT, or customer—or customize their conference experience through an à la carte option.

Frontline Future will include:

  • Latest industry insights on how leaders in frontline industries can increase engagement, agility, retention, and safety in the workplace.
  • Interactive sessions with other experts about digital transformation, how to develop a fully integrated tech stack, and complying with evolving security regulations.
  • Customer Success workshops to discover how to make the most of your Beekeeper platform to create a fully connected workforce.
  • Opportunities to network with over 1,000 global frontline leaders, analysts, and thought leaders.

“Ultimately, frontline employees are not only the public-facing employees of a business, they also guide the customer journey,” said Cristian Grossmann, CEO and Co-Founder of Beekeeper. “They are the faces of our businesses, as well as their backbone, and deserve to be given the tools to succeed.”

Frontline Future Innovation Competition

The conference will also host a Frontline Future Innovation competition. This competition will bring together frontline-focused startups to compete before an esteemed panel of judges including Julian Riebartsch (Digital Tech Fund BTOV), Beekeeper board members Julie Allegro and Philipp Stauffer (FYRFLY), and Juan Muldoon (Energize). The winning startup will receive a trophy, be named Frontline Future Innovation Award 2021 champion, and get a guaranteed spot in the Beekeeper acceleration program where they will be listed in the Beekeeper Marketplace and engage with over 1,000 companies around the world.

To apply for the Frontline Future Innovation competition, visit

To learn more and register for Frontline Future, please visit

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