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Beach Resort in Riviera Maya Deploys Wireless Guestroom Streaming

Unico 20° 87° Riviera Maya in Riveria Maya, Mexico is a newly opened beach-facing property that offers stunning views of the Riviera Maya coastline. Growing guest demands for access to personalized content led the hotel to enhance its in-room entertainment services with Hotel Internet Services' wireless streaming solution BeyondTV. With BeyondTV, the property also gains the added ability to increase revenues by directing promotional messaging on services and amenities to guests as they interact with guestroom televisions.
After considering several competing solutions, Unico 20° 87° ultimately selected BeyondTV for its ability to provide a content streaming solution that is simple to connect and straightforward to use. With just the touch of a button, guests can instantly and wirelessly stream subscriptions such as Hulu, Pandora and other popular services from BeyondTV on the guestroom televisions. BeyondTV also provides guests with an added layer of security and peace of mind. Aside from online content, users can also cast personal photos, music or videos stored on their devices. 
"As a recently opened hotel, we really wanted to ensure our competiveness by implementing services that are on par with what today's guests expect when it comes to their entertainment needs," said Jaime Garcia, Corporate IT Director at RCD Hotels which owns and operates the Unico 20° 87° Riviera Maya. "By implementing BeyondTV, our property was able to quickly and affordably provide guests with the kind of connectivity and television viewing experience that they are accustomed to at home. With a growing lack of interest in video on demand services, BeyondTV also provides us with an alternative form of interaction that better suits guest preferences, and that allows us to present promotional offerings that are of genuine interest."
With the solution now in place, property staff can ensure that all guests are aware of popular promotions such as discounts to the hotel restaurant or bar. When integrated with a property's PMS platform, BeyondTV can also determine if guests are staying with a larger group. By automatically referencing PMS data, the solution can notably detect if a group consists of individuals attending a specific event such as a wedding or business meeting, and can ensure that promotional messaging is customized accordingly. Other benefits include the ability for guests to view hotel brochures or restaurant menus on their guestroom television screen.
As a solution that seeks to offer complete convenience, properties equipped with BeyondTV can also provide guests with the ability to view hotel brochures or restaurant menus on their guestroom television screen. Hoteliers additionally have the option of allowing guests to order amenities with the click of a remote control button.  With guests increasingly hesitant in visiting the front desk or picking up the phone due to their desire for a faster and more seamless form of communication, BeyondTV users can effortlessly order room service, make restaurant reservations or rent property items alongside an array of other options that can boost their experience and satisfaction.
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