Bay View Collection Replaces Outdated PBX with Think Simplicity’s Cloud Communication System

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Think Simplicity, a cloud communication technology provider of all-inclusive voice and chat solutions for the hospitality industry, announced today that the Bay View Collection selected its cost-effective, cloud-based phone system for its four properties to ensure consistency in maintenance, lower costs and integrate communications efforts across its portfolio.

Aging PBX equipment makes it difficult and complex to forward calls and manage on-hold messaging. The inconsistency of equipment between properties is a challenge for today’s hoteliers dealing with smaller budgets and fewer staff. Think Simplicity alleviates these challenges by delivering a cloud-based communication system that requires little to no onsite maintenance and an easy-to-use and learn dashboard for staff.

  • Continuous cloud-based updates Think Simplicity provides ongoing updates and as innovations occur, all customers gain the advantage of new technology without the hassle of involving multiple vendors or scheduling maintenance calls.
  • Replaces outdated, inconsistent equipment – Hoteliers that are still managing aging PBX systems are experiencing rising costs not only for maintenance but for replacement parts. Ongoing FCC compliance features that must be incorporated into a hotel’s infrastructure continue to challenge old equipment users. Innovative hoteliers understand they must update to cloud-based communication systems to decrease maintenance costs and ensure guests and front desk staff can quickly and easily access today’s communication features.
  • Cost-effective, integrated cloud communications – By integrating with major property management systems, Think Simplicity simplifies front desk operations. Cloud-based, simple call forwarding, the ability to use cell phones as extensions, voicemail, e-911 capabilities, wake-up calls and adding messaging or forwarding calls in the event of an emergency are only a few of the advantages of Think Simplicity’s solution.

Matthew Levin, director of hotels, Bay View Collection, said: “We were looking for a system that was simple, modern, and cost-effective with the features we needed to ensure guest satisfaction while providing our staff with an easy-to-use platform. Think Simplicity delivered the right equipment, with the right features, at the right price while easing onsite training efforts.”

Joseph De Ciantis, co-founder of Think Simplicity, said: “We are excited to bring our customized cloud communication system to the Bay View Collection. When properties gain access to consistent technology across the portfolio, maintenance costs are reduced, and access to the latest technology is increased. We look forward to supporting the Bay View Collection today, tomorrow, and into the future with the latest features.”

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