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Bally Technologies, Micros Partner to Improve Casino Cocktail Service

Micros Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce its seamless integration with the Bally BOSS (Beverage Ordering Service System) by Bally Technologies, a solution that permits slot players to order drinks electronically using a touch-screen user interface directly on the machine they are playing. The order is then sent to the proper Micros-equipped service bar for preparation and delivery.
The Micros and Bally BOSS interface increases the efficiency of the drink ordering lifecycle, providing benefits to both the players as well as the casino. The slot machine indicates the status of the order and alerts the player when the drink is on its way through the in-game iVIEW or iVIEW DM player-user-interface – without interrupting game play. The casino benefits by getting important business intelligence productivity reporting that shows how quickly drinks are being made and delivered to players, while the players do not have to stop playing and leave their machine or wait for a cocktail server to come around.
The solution can also be used to reward higher-rated players, offering this service exclusively to top-tier customers as a benefit tier level membership. Functionality of the Bally BOSS is extended to the Bally mobile app, allowing guests to preorder a drink via the app on their smart phone and then have the order automatically placed once a player card is inserted into the slot machine.

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