Bakkt Expands Reach of the Digital Wallet

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Bakkt Holdings unveiled broader Peer-to-Peer (P2P) capabilities that enable Bakkt users to send bitcoin, gift cards and cash to anyone, including those not currently using the Bakkt App. Current Bakkt App users now have the versatility to instantly and seamlessly send digital assets to family, friends or broader social circles.

A frictionless digital experience

  • Send gift cards   Purchase gift cards on the Bakkt App and send to your friends and family for an upcoming occasion. Show them you really know them by sending a digital gift card to their favorite restaurant. 
  • Send bitcoin 
  • Send cash 

The Bakkt App provides users with a single wallet to manage their digital assets and makes P2P payments with cryptocurrency a seamless experience. To take advantage of this new feature, make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of the app and select Send from either the CryptoGift Card, or Cash screens in the Bakkt App.

By empowering users to track, spend and send digital assets, the Bakkt App enables consumers to understand the full scope of their digital assets to unlock their greater value, while giving merchants and loyalty program sponsors deeper customer engagement and a lower cost of payment acceptance.


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