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Back Yard Burgers Adds Contract Mgmt Software to its Capital Preservation Strategy

Back Yard Burgers, Inc. has signed an agreement with Network Contract Solutions (NCS) to implement its Ncontracts, to streamline contract management practices for its 120 store locations.
“Back Yard Burgers is focused on managing every dollar that we spend so that we can continue to provide exceptional value to our customers and outstanding results to our stakeholders,” says Steve Neuroth, chief financial officer of Back Yard Burgers. “With Ncontracts, we will save capital by incorporating their technology and services to simplify and streamline our contract administration.”
Ncontracts is a Web-based service and software solution that provides contract summaries, as well as automated e-mail notifications of critical contract dates, renewal terms, insurance certificates, knowledge of post-termination obligations and payment terms.
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