, the "Netflix of Hotel Booking," Announces Launch

6/7/2017 is a personalized hotel booking platform with a simple goal. It wants everyone to find their perfect hotel for a business or leisure trip faster and easier than ever before. Think of Baarb as the Netflix for hotel booking. Baarb, a Los Angeles-based company, uses artificial intelligence to deliver search results prioritized by a guest's preferences and past behavior.
The founder and CEO of Baarb is Barbara Parshall, a former financial industry executive who led institutional technology platforms and helped launch hundreds of successful startups.
When booking a hotel online, consumers don’t need to be presented with the same 2000 options that everyone else gets, prioritized by which brand is paying the highest commissions, or by the ratings of travelers who have nothing in common with them. It’s a waste of time. Baarb is taking the pain out of booking hotels by prioritizing the results that are most relevant to the consumer for the type of trip she is taking, and eliminating the noise.
To do this, Baarb uses artificial intelligence. While AI is transforming every aspect of the consumer's life, tons of available data isn’t being used to improve the traveler experience.
Research confirms this: 
  • Consumers visit 38 sites before booking -Traveler Attribution Study conducted by Expedia Media Solutions (Expedia, May 2015).
  • Baarb’s own research shows that 96% of travelers are looking for improvement in the hotel booking sites they use.
How Baarb works: 

Using a text bar that asks “What else is important to you,” Baarb searches millions of data points found in hotel descriptions and images to identify the best properties for any trip, and prioritizes them first in the search results. Customers can also search using one of the pre-defined Model Profiles that contain clusters of preferences most common for several types of trips, or create her own profile for custom searches.
Baarb tracks the guest's actions on the site, including the use of "Like" and "Don’t Like" buttons that signal whether she wants to see more or less hotels like "this one" in the future. The results improve over time and Baarb can make suggestions based on search history, and what others like that guest have liked.
Baarb’s current partners are Priceline and Amadeus. Baarb expects to announce new partners and features in the coming months, including a B2B product that will allow other booking sites to leverage the personalization technology for their customers.

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