Avvio Unveils New Insight-Based Reports

Avvio, who launched Allora – a hotel booking engine powered by artificial intelligence – just over two years ago, announces the pilot of a new reporting system which is expected to give hotel general managers a deeper insight into their guests’ behaviors.

Labelled the ‘Allora GM Report’, Avvio will send a monthly analysis of consumer booking and buying behaviors which can be used to refine and improve on marketing activity. These insights aim to help optimize bookings and drive occupancy and upselling of additional features or services applicable to each guest stay. Avvio has been capturing data through Allora since 2017, having profiled 56 million unique guests, and is now utilizing it to add value the fast-changing digital booking trends within the global hospitality industry.

The level of detail the GM Reports can provide includes useful information such as number of bookings verses the number of potential bookings for the month; preferred booking platform and device; guest conversions; actual booked revenue; cancellations and pipeline revenue broken down by geographic region.

The report also offers information on the tags and search terms used by guests when booking so hotels can track the impact of their promotional activity and features such as golf, spa, food etc.

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