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Avalon Hotels, JRK Hotel Group Hire TCRM to Provide Revenue Management Services

Total Customized Revenue Management, LLC (TCRM) today announced the company has been hired by a couple of major players in the hospitality space - Avalon Hotels (Beverly Hills and Palm Springs) and JRK Hotel Group (Los Angeles). As part of its expanding hospitality portfolio, TCRM will offer task force services to each new client, including strategic direction focused on the development of profit-based strategies.  TCRM will also provide a strong layer of guidance and support for the companies’ property teams, and oversee implementation and accuracy of any new revenue management procedures.
The addition of these new clients to TCRM’s roster marks an exciting moment for the company, as both are major players in key hospitality markets throughout the United States.  Avalon Hotels operates properties providing high-end lifestyle experiences, while JRK owns and operates unique, elegant and stylish luxury properties. TCRM will be responsible for managing revenue for the groups’ hotels in New York and California.
Combining more than 75 years of hospitality experience, TCRM has become a premier provider of revenue management services to the hospitality industry and develops innovative approaches to drive ROI for clients, using analytical skills and a tech-savvy approach to help identify and solve challenges.  TCRM’s offerings range from task force and ongoing revenue management to system and brand conversion, one-on-one and classroom training, strategic evaluations and data entry. Clients are provided with customized services and packages to propel revenues to the next level.
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