AutoMist Starts Cleaning Up San Antonio Kitchens

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AutoMist Starts Cleaning Up San Antonio Kitchens


In San Antonio, Texas Restaurant Technologies launched AutoMist, an automated cleaning solution that simplifies the cleaning processes for grill and fryer hoods and flues, and improves overall fire safety in kitchens.

 Almost 11,000 commercial kitchens are damaged by fire annually, according to the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaners Association. With the AutoMist system, restaurants minimize fire risk by keeping the hood, flue and fan areas of kitchens consistently clean and free of grease and fat build-up that can catch fire and cause catastrophic damage. Daily automatic cleanings using a special blend of water and detergent stave off grease accumulation over time, helping to keep employees, restaurants and diners safe from potential fire.

Restaurants already using AutoMist include McDonald’s franchises, Texas Roadhouse and P.F. Chang’s.

“You can see how clean everything is by just peeking up the stack,” said Matthew Kades, McDonald’s franchisee. “The delivery system that contains the detergent automatically controls when the cleaning is initiated so I never even have to think about it. And the restaurant does not ever have to be shut down for cleaning. This is a product I believe in and I think it is the right way to go.”

 AutoMist relieves operators of having to acquire a third-party vent and hood cleaning service. The AutoMist solution runs daily and employees simply have to dispose of the used solution from a designated bucket into a sink. From an employer's perspective, improved fire safety and simplified processes translate to less downtime, lower risk of equipment damage and a better overall work environment.