Automated, Menu-Driven Solution Improves Food Safety for KFC Operators

KFC franchisees attending the 2016 Southwest Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchisee Association RGM Spring Meeting, from April 4-6, 2016 at the Crowne Plaza Dallas in Addison, Texas will have the opportunity to see AccuDate™ 9700 Food Safety Solution from TransAct Technologies.
The AccuDate 9700 food safety terminal replaces manual food labeling systems with an automated, cost-effective, menu-driven solution that helps KFC operators manage their food rotation needs to reduce food waste, improve their food prep efficiency and avoid food safety incidents and health code citations.
TransAct’s AccuDate 9700 allows restaurant operators to print date-coded labels much faster and more accurately than traditional systems and provides the ability to print prep and grab-and-go labels with a wide variety of essential information, including enjoy-by and use-by dates, ingredient lists, calorie counts and prep dates.  The AccuDate 9700 food safety terminal can print on a wide variety of labels, including standard and custom sizes, in freezer grade, dissolvable, removable and permanent adhesive formats.  The terminal’s fully customizable user interface allows every KFC location to have the menu items, shelf-life data and label information they need to manage their operations.
The AccuDate 9700 food safety terminal also features a large, 8.4-inch full-color, touch screen that makes for intuitive navigation, a spill and splash-resistant design, an internal power supply for unmatched durability and an easy snap-in/snap-out printer mechanism design for flexibility and serviceability.
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