Atomize Announces a Data Partnership with trivago to Help Hotels Generate More Revenue

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels
trivago logo and atomize logo

In today's market, conditions remain unpredictable and historical reservation patterns do not provide an accurate picture of future demand. New travel patterns have created difficult and often unforeseen situations for hoteliers. The ability to predict demand and formulate an optimized and adaptable pricing strategy is a real challenge for today's revenue managers. For this reason, Atomize,  a next-generation revenue management software, and trivago, a global search platform for accommodation, have decided on a collaboration to better serve the hotel community in navigating changing demand, anticipating the future, and improving hotels' ability to generate revenue.

“We have long realized that our search data is a valuable asset in hotels’ quest to provide the right price to the right guest at the right time. Making this data available to hotels will help them better align their offers with guest expectations and improve conversion rates. In Atomize we have found a perfect partner to unlock this potential for hotels,” says Alexander Forstbach, Chief Data Officer at trivago.

trivago's search platform compares over 5 million hotels and other types of accommodation, in over 190 countries. It provides comparisons for accommodation based on price, location, availability, ratings, and other amenities, and is built on information from a large number of accommodation providers. The number of searches performed on the platform every day across the world provides a reliable indicator of future travel intent. trivago will be supplying this granular search data to Atomize in real-time, to complement the hotels’ reservation data and build a comprehensive picture of future demand. The search data will be used by Atomize to enhance its demand modeling capabilities for all future dates and will enable Atomize to optimize its customers’ room prices more effectively. This will enable Atomize users to be more proactive when reacting to changes in market demand and adjust their rates before the competition. A strong competitive advantage that will allow Atomize users to make the most of emerging revenue opportunities, in their specific market, for all future arrival dates. 

“Atomize has a robust pedigree in data modeling, and right from our inception, we identified that comprehensive guest search data was an underutilized asset in the world of hotel revenue management. Incorporating trivago’s data into our algorithm represents a seismic shift in room pricing and will accelerate the adoption of pricing automation, ” says Head of Product, Ellen Hartelius at Atomize.

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