Armagard Launches Fever Detection Kiosks

Armagard announces the launch of its fever detection kiosk. The unit takes a body temperature measurement of a person's forehead and alerts them if they have an above-average reading. Once screened and inside a business, staff and customers can be confident that the people they're dealing with are free of this virus symptom.

The fever screening system is accurate to within 0.3°C ∼ 0.5°C, and scanning can happen in just two seconds. Businesses benefit from a fast, simple way of reducing viral transmission in offices, factories, retail stores and more.

"People are looking to business owners to ensure commercial environments are safe, and body temperature scanning is an easy way to provide that peace of mind," says Mark Neal, CEO of Armagard. "By installing fever scanners at entrances, businesses show they take their duty of care seriously. Staff can be happier at work, and customers will be encouraged to enter."

The fever detection kiosk complements the other COVID-19 safety measures business are using. Contactless operation reduces the spread of germs, and rapid scanning keeps entrances clear, which helps social distancing. Users can keep their masks on when being scanned, for maximum hygiene.

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