April 2017 Issue

  • 4 Ways to Clear Tech Hurdles

    Delivering a seamless, personalized experience requires the elegant behind-the-scenes orchestration of many different technologies. This is far from easy — or inexpensive. HTNG chartered four new workgroups aimed at reducing the time, cost and other obstacles standing between hoteliers and ideal brand experiences. These workgroups cover the topics of: easier wi-fi access, tech dashboards for non-techies, better hotel tech renovations and an open API for hotel systems
  • Data-Driven Innovation

    Known for being at the forefront of many “hotel industry firsts,” chief among them first to market with a mobile app and first to offer online booking, Choice Hotels continues to be a technology leader. In an exclusive interview, HT spoke to Todd Davis, CIO, to get insight into the status and strategy of the new ChoiceEdge platform. In addition, Davis shares his perspective on what has made Choice Hotels an innovation leader, including how data is not a byproduct of technology, but rather is driving it.
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