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Anticipating Trends, Embracing Evolution in Pools, Spas and Water Features

Hotel swimming pools, spas, water features and splash pads can drive guest satisfaction and RevPar. At the same time they can lead to additional risks and expenses.
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AI and automation will play larger roles in the execution of water management strategies.
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As we dive into 2024, hospitality organizations are continuing to assess opportunities to deliver an improved guest experience while managing costs and risk. Swimming pools, spas, water features and splash pads are at the forefront of this analysis as research continues to show these amenities can drive guest satisfaction and RevPar (revenue per available room) and at the same time can lead to additional risks and expenses. It is in this environment that new trends have emerged; technological advancements, increased prioritization of sustainability initiatives and the rising importance of holistic water management solutions.

Benchmarks, Data and Insights

Hospitality properties are doubling down on creating top-notch guest experiences through larger and more differentiated investments in entertainment offerings, including recreational water amenities. In turn, the pool and spa space is witnessing accelerated development. And amidst this surge, there is a notable shift in the industry's desire for more real-time benchmarks, data and insights. Water safety, water and energy usage, and cost benchmarks are now all in demand. This trend is driven by the necessity for hospitality properties to make informed decisions swiftly, tackle rising costs and labor constraints, meet elevated guest expectations and more. Robust software solutions that provide data-driven benchmarks and insights are becoming indispensable tools.


2024 will also witness the emergence and rise of new automated solutions designed to help address ongoing industry challenges, including the nationwide difficulty in sourcing experienced trade professionals and other staffing issues. Automation will help alleviate this ongoing problem, allowing staff to better focus their time and resources on what’s most important. For example, automation can be implemented in such core areas as chemical sanitation and cleaning.

Another reason for hospitality properties to invest in automation in the new year is the heightened water safety regulations enforced by local jurisdictions that impact the network of swimming pools and hot tubs on the properties. Cities, counties and states are playing a more active role in ensuring quality and safety standards for recreational water spaces are being met. It is crucial for hospitality decision-makers to take proactive measures by implementing the right solutions, as these tighter regulations will likely only expand in the coming years.

All Eyes on Sustainability 

A growing movement we expect to continue into 2024 is the increased emphasis on sustainability. Sustainability has emerged as a resounding concern for not only hotels, but also other properties and facilities with recreational water spaces, such as gyms, community rec centers, spas and more, with a focus on reduced chemical, water and energy usage and sustainable alternatives. Implementing eco-friendly water management solutions and monitoring is becoming a priority for businesses, reflecting a conscientious shift towards environmental responsibility.

Pools and Water Features: A Fun Pastime or Serious Business Asset?

The growing recognition of pools as business assets is also expected to be a significant trend. Properties previously unconcerned with the intricacies of water management and analytics are now seeking solutions tailored to problems they had ignored or put a bandage on in the past. Today, hospitality players have a deeper understanding of the importance of properly investing in the health of their pools and spas. In the end, this will help streamline operations, improve efficiency, save resources and elevate the overall guest experience.

That said, it’s important for each property or facility to engage in a careful evaluation of the features and functionalities of available solutions to ensure they are addressing their specific needs and investing in the right offering.

Wholly Understanding Water Management 

Expanding beyond pools and spas, a broader understanding of water management is gaining traction. In addition to traditional water amenities, this encompasses boilers, chillers, cooling towers and more – all of which contribute to a comprehensive water management strategy. The integration of water management software into properties and facilities’ existing technology will help accelerate this holistic approach. 

Also, AI will play a larger role in the execution of water management strategies, as the integration of AI heralds a new era in analytics and operational support. This innovative technology provides a foundational layer of knowledge to optimize efficiency and improve decision-making processes.

As we navigate 2024, the industry's trajectory is marked by a proactive stance, with a focus on technology, sustainability and holistic water management. Embracing these shifts will redefine how we do things, ultimately saving costs and making guest experiences even better.

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