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AMP Digital Strategies Launches New Easy-to-Use Digital Ads for Restaurants

AMP Digital Strategies, a social media marketing start-up, is simplifying digital advertising for small restaurant managers to help them transition to the digital world. The company launched its innovative Appies, which are ready-to-launch digital ads that enable busy restaurant owners to generate targeted brand awareness campaigns at a fraction of the investment in staff, time, and money.
Appies are simple to use and cost-effective. With Appies, there is no need for busy restaurant managers to figure out new technology or waste staff time searching online sites for the perfect image. Based on a quick-serve model, the restaurant manager is in control of if, when, and what ads are purchased. The restaurant maintains control of the messaging and timing of the ads, all while outsourcing the entire digital ad process.
They simply go online and indicate what image they would like to select from the professional options available and what message they need to promote. From there, AMP Digital Strategies develops the creative ad. No two ads are ever alike. Within minutes, busy restaurateurs can have marketing campaign launched directly to their target market. After the campaign is over, AMP Digital Strategies sends the restaurant their metrics of how many people the ad reached.
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