Amadeus Expands Hoteliers’ Access to Historical Market Insight to Complement Forward-Looking Data

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

For more than a year, the global travel industry has been impacted by unprecedented uncertainty due to the spread of COVID-19. Changing travel regulations across all regions of the world forced hoteliers to make challenging decisions for their business. Where they once relied on the prior year’s performance to inform their strategy, hoteliers quickly found that during a global pandemic, solely looking to prior year data couldn’t provide the needed context of the weeks and months that lay ahead of them.  

Responding to continually changing market conditions, Amadeus has expanded the Demand360® solution to include two years of historical market data to complement the most robust level of forward-looking data available in the market today. The combined visibility of 2019, 2020 occupancy and pace data, and 12 months of forward-looking, on-the-books business will deliver unprecedented insight, enabling hoteliers to build strategic recovery plans and capture emerging market demand when travelers begin to fulfill their dreams of wanderlust.   

This new expansion of historical insight builds on prior innovations, delivering more comprehensive forward-looking visibility into traveler demographic and segment details, daily occupancy pickup activity, and channel performance. With 36 months of insight, hoteliers gain the clearest picture of the past and current market and competitive set conditions to build an informed business strategy.    

“Historically, hoteliers have combined the power of forward-looking insight with comparable year-over-year data. Based on the significant market changes experienced in 2020, hoteliers need to compare multiple years’ performance, including a look back to 2019,” says Ahmed Youssef, Executive Vice President of Business Intelligence and Data Solutions, Hospitality, Amadeus. “With the breadth and depth of the data available in Demand360®, hoteliers worldwide can access a 36 months picture of actual, on-the-books market data rather than projected forecasts, enabling them to make strategic business decisions and prepare to rebuild their business moving forward.” 

This complimentary new depth of market insight is immediately available as part of Amadeus’ Demand360® solution, a cornerstone of their business intelligence suite. 

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