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Amadeus and Lufthansa City Center International Further Partnership by Adding Hotel Content to Accelerate Recovery and Rebuild Travel

Amadeus and Lufthansa City Center International (LCCI) have expanded their 30 year-long technology and content partnership by signing a commercial framework to boost hotel bookings with content from hotel chains, aggregators and Amadeus Value Hotels. 

Amadeus continues to be a preferred travel technology partner for Lufthansa City Center International and as part of the agreement, Amadeus will provide business critical and state of the art technology innovations to support international Lufthansa City Center travel agencies (LCC) in their road to recovery.

International LCC agencies can now access and book more hotel content from across the world through Amadeus Selling Platform Connect's graphical hotel interface where hotel content from several providers (Amadeus Value Hotels, hotel chains, bed banks, and many more) are displayed.  In particular, Amadeus Value Hotels allows international LCC agencies to offer their customers net rates from over half a million hotels while having the option to define their own rates and margins based on their business objectives.

In addition, Amadeus Web Services technology allows travel agents to integrate Amadeus’ hotel content into in-house hotel content applications. This integration is enriching agent deals with external hotel providers, all in one single platform.

The new agreement will also open doors for international LCC agencies to access and book accommodation through Amadeus from which is available in 174 countries worldwide. This delivers increased productivity and more options to support LCC agencies in offering the best choice for their travelers. 

“Our new agreement will help us boost hotel bookings with content derived from hotel chains, aggregators and Amadeus Value Hotels from across the globe. In addition, with Amadeus’ customized training, knowledge sharing, marketing, and communication initiatives, we believe LCCI can generate booking volumes at the same time as addressing the new needs of today’s traveler,” comments Martina Groenegres, Managing Director, Lufthansa City Center International. 

“The pandemic has changed the way people travel. Together with our long-term partner LCCI, we know that regaining traveler confidence will be key to rebuilding travel.  It’s important that our customers have fast, efficient access to the relevant and best hotel content so they can perfectly match the right accommodation to the changing needs of travelers. Amadeus has made it easier for international LCC travel agents to access all types of hotel content, and we are happy we have been able to offer this to our long-standing partners as we look forward to a brighter future,” says Angel Gallego, Executive Vice President, Travel Distribution, Amadeus.

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