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Allset Partners with Olo to Streamline Contactless Restaurant Ordering

Los Angeles-based food pre-ordering platform Allset announced a partnership with Olo to enable fully integrated takeout and dine-in pre-ordering through Olo Rails for mutual restaurant partners.

Takeout and dine-in orders placed by customers on the Allset app and website will flow directly into Olo restaurant partner's point-of-sale systems (POS). The integration streamlines order fulfillment experience and allows restaurants to access Allset's contactless ordering feature. 

As the integration continues, diners will see more national favorites available on Allset in the coming weeks. With the addition of automatic menu updates, customers will be able to order from the most up-to-date menu, minimizing the risk of order cancelation.

If the restaurant is looking for more options to receive Allset orders, they can use the Allset Merchant App which is available for download on Android devices and on Allset-issued tablets, as well as other point-of-sale integrations that the company provides.

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