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All-in-One Service Gateway with Wireless Hotspot and Controller Answers Internet Demands

ZyXEL Communications, a provider of secure broadband networkingInternet accessconnected home and routing products,  introduced its new ZyXEL UAG4100 – the all-in-one Internet access service gateway with built-in wireless Hotspot and WLAN controller. The UAG4100 offers hospitality venues, big and small, a high-capacity, feature-rich Internet provisioning and management device to serve their customers with fast and secure Internet access.
The UAG4100 is a high capacity service gateway supporting up to 300 users simultaneously. The built-in Wi-Fi hotspot has dual-radio and also simultaneously supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands with automatic load balancing between the two radios. The key features supported by the service gateway include:
·       Embedded billing functions with a customizable user access profile for tighter access control and to prevent service abuse
·       Web portal authentication, user-agreement login and RADIUS server authentication
·       The ability to send text messages with access information for user convenience
·       The UAG4100 maintains detail records of customer usage for billing and compliance
·       A ticket printer (SP350E) can be purchased as an accessory for one-click ticket print-out with billing and access information  
To provide wireless Internet access covering larger venues or multiple locations, multiple access points (APs) may have to be deployed. The UAG4100 also comes equipped with a WLAN controller to facilitate easy deployment and management of up to 8 APs (upgradable to 16 APs).  The built-in WLAN controller offers a range of sophisticated features including automatic configuration of APs when connected to the UAG4100, wireless coverage optimizer, load-balancing and automatic channel selection.
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