ALICE by Actabl Completes Two-way Integration with Maestro Property Management System

Actabl, an integrated hotel operations, business intelligence and labor management solution, has successfully completed a new two-way integration between its ALICE operations management platform and the Maestro Property Management System (PMS). The preferred browser-based cloud and on-premise PMS solution for independent hotels, luxury resorts, conference centers, vacation rentals and multi-property groups, Maestro’s seamless communication with the ALICE platform provides a host of operational benefits for hoteliers. This includes eliminating discrepancies in data between systems that could potentially lead to inaccurate guest information, poor customer response times and missed revenue opportunities.  

Maestro’s latest API, the two-way interface dramatically improves the accuracy and consistency of the data utilized by both systems to ensure greater efficiency in overall hotel operations. The system automatically resyncs the latest housekeeping status for single or multiple rooms from Maestro to ALICE to prevent data discrepancies. It also resyncs up to 7 days of reservations from Maestro to assure high-quality reservation data and maintain consistency within systems. ALICE users have the ability to configure alerts for both reservations and incoming guest updates to detect any potential outage. 

“We are thrilled to be able to offer our hotelier customers using the ALICE platform this seamless integration with the popular Maestro PMS,” said Summer Guan, Director of Product Integration, ALICE by Actabl. “As one of the industry leaders in comprehensive property operations and management solutions, Maestro shares our mission of creating both property- and enterprise-level data solutions that maximize operational efficiency for hotel management and staff, while supporting guest service and satisfaction.” 

The new integration provides real-time delivery of Maestro booking information to the ALICE platform whenever reservations are created, modified, or canceled, to ensure that hotel staff have the most up-to-date guest and booking information. Guest arrival statuses, such as check-in, check-out and room move events, are also pushed in real time to ALICE. Housekeeping status data is shared and synced between the systems with bi-directional functionality, providing front desk and housekeeping staff with the latest updates on room availability for early check-ins without the need for manual entry. 

“In today’s demanding travel environment, instant communication and timely access to information is crucial to maintaining the smooth flow of hotel operations and service,” said Warren Dehan, president of Maestro. “We are always seeking out partnerships with like-minded organizations who can complement the abilities of our solutions in addressing these goals. Our new integration with Actabl will help eliminate many of the challenges the industry faces in swiftly communicating information and updates to various property teams. We look forward to further expanding our collaboration with Actabl as we work to provide hospitality professionals with enhanced value in running a smarter, more responsive and profitable business.”     

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