Acrelec,QikServe Form Partnership

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 Acrelec has expanded its partnership with international software company, QikServe, to provide US markets with fully integrated kiosk solutions. This partnership enables US operators to increase average order value, reduce waiting times, and achieve operational efficiencies.

The companies cultivated their partnership across Europe amidst an ongoing mass labor shortage where operators struggled to maintain staffing levels to efficiently run their business. A recent study highlighted that hospitality and restaurant staff shortages are still at a record high, experiencing 83 percent more vacancies across the sector compared to March-May 2019. Acrelec's intuitive hardware works with QikServe's intelligent platform to address labor shortage bottlenecks and alleviate pressure on operators by:

  • Relocating labor so the crew can focus on guest satisfaction rather than order taking
  • Giving customers control of the ordering experience while reducing lines and wait times
  • Customizing each journey with data-driven product suggestions that are proven to increase average check by 30 percent
  • Offering embedded loyalty, couponing, and stored value
  • Maintaining a consistent brand experience across all ordering channels 

The result is a flexible, future-proof solution that allows operators to improve overall efficiency while reducing costs.

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