Acrelec Partners with NCR to Enhance Kiosk, Digital Menu Board Capabilities

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

Acrelec's partnership with NCR Corporation will enable NCR customers to access Acrelec's rich suite of drive-thru, digital signage, and kiosk solutions for restaurants.

Through this partnership, Acrelec aims to be a one-stop solution for kiosks and digital menu boards for quick-service and fast-casual restaurant chains across the U.S. and international markets.

Integrations with other systems are driving POS purchase decisions for 86% of restaurants, according to HT's 2022 POS Software Trends Report

The combination of Acrelec's hardware and software solutions with NCR's Aloha all-in-one POS system allows restaurants to:

  • Rapidly deploy new technology in restaurants based on content automation that simplifies IT projects and in-store operations
  • Benefit from a solution fine-tuned over two decades of restaurant digital transformation, impacting operators' bottom line massively

"Our digital signage capabilities go beyond displaying a menu with dynamic pricing and product outage," said Acrelec Innovation & Marketing Director Thibaud Denolle. "Restaurant marketing teams can create mesmerizing indoor video wall experiences on the same flexible platform they use to design personalized, loyalty-enabled drive-thru journeys. The result is higher sales, increased brand fidelity, and greater customer retention."

Acrelec counts for over 80,000 installations around the world in 70 countries and nearly 1,000 employees, including three manufacturing plants and a 150-person software division. Self-ordering excellence has been achieved from a decade of experience working with the best in the industry, such as McDonald's, Dunkin', Burger King, KFC, and Taco Bell, providing an entire ecosystem of technology solutions for QSR and Fast Casual restaurants.

NCR Acrelec
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