Aceyus Launches VUE to Optimize Contact Center Efficiency and Improve Customer Experience

Aceyus Inc., a provider of customer experience solutions specializing in enterprise-level data management and reporting, announces the launch of VUE (Visionary User Experience), an integrated system that provides end-to-end contact center reporting and analytics solutions for mid-market to global enterprises. With three product suites to meet a variety of customer needs, VUE improves agent productivity and allows contact center managers to track customer engagements across channels, gaining actionable insights from omnichannel analytics to improve the customer experience.

“The technological shift over the past decade has resulted in contact centers now taking a multichannel and omnichannel approach to managing customer interactions,” said CTO, Ben Vesta. “We developed VUE to maximize these approaches by helping organizations leverage the use of real-time data, to drive workforce efficiency and better understand how customers are engaging with their brands. This is the next step in Aceyus providing its partners with innovative solutions to achieve their business objectives.”

With VUE, contact center managers use highly customizable dashboards to gain visibility into various levels of operations including agent, team, and contact center performance metrics – those most important to the business – and integrate call data sources to WFM, IVR, and CRM platforms in order to gain a full view of the customer experience. Data sources include contact center interactions, social media channels, billing systems and live chat, among others, which allow companies to see where their customers are engaging and at what frequency.

“During these uncertain and stressful times, having immediate access to customer profiles and contextual data to ensure a seamless, personalized experience at each touchpoint makes the difference between creating a brand advocate and losing a customer,” said CMO, Tim Eyre. “The ability to bring multiple data sources together and add third-party data from disparate, siloed sources into an easy-to-use dashboard view is a true game changer.”

Not only does VUE improve the contact center experience for customers and agents, it allows enterprises of all sizes to better understand how their internal departments and technologies operate together and identify channel weak points to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

The new Aceyus solution set includes three primary product offerings built to accommodate the needs of contact centers from mid-market companies to large enterprises:

  • VUE – Providing standardized contact center metrics for small to mid-market companies.
  • VUE Premium – Incorporate multiple integrations to gain added insight into the customer journey best suited for mid-market to small enterprises.
  • VUE Enterprise – Fully customized solutions including on-premise or cloud-based data transformation for large enterprises.

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