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7shifts Launches eBook to Help Restaurateurs with Employee Scheduling Headaches

It’s late—too late to still be stuck at work. There you are, tucked away in your office flipping through text messages, bar napkins, and sticky notes to sort out who is available when. You spend hours piecing together a schedule for the upcoming week, then tack your finished product up on the staff room wall.

Because you’ve taken the pen-and-paper route, your staff have no choice but to come by the restaurant to find out when they’re working next. One mistake or one no-show can cost you more than your restaurant’s reputation…it can cost your bottom line, too.

Yet nearly 90% of restaurant managers schedule this way.

To help free up time, keep labor costs down, and create a happier, healthier workplace, 7shifts published a free eBook to help restaurant owners and managers with successful restaurant scheduling: The Ultimate Guide to Restaurant Scheduling.

Packed with strategies, checklists, how-to guides, and more, this e-book tackles the recurring challenge of employee scheduling and helps restaurateurs transform scheduling into the most effective, efficient—and dare we say easy?—part of their to-do list. When labor costs account for approximately one third of operating costs, becoming an informed, strategic scheduler can have a significant impact on the restaurant industry’s notoriously thin margins.

7shifts, creators of one of the fastest-growing restaurant scheduling platforms in North America, is 100% focused on helping restaurants save time and money. With their restaurant scheduling software in use by over 150,000+ restaurant pros worldwide, they drew upon their experience in the industry and learnings from customers and partners to compile the eBook.

The free eBook is available at

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