78 Burger Kings in Canada Get full MICROS POS Solution

Burger King Restaurants of Canada (BKRC), an affiliate of Burger King Corporation is deploying the full MICROS Systems RES point of sale (POS) suite, in conjunction with mymicros.net, and mylabor, in all of its corporate locations in English speaking Canada. Combined with ongoing installations in the United States, the MICROS Burger King Implementation Team installed 48 restaurants weekly, and accomplished the Canadian rollout in under six weeks.

With more than 78 company-owned BURGER KING restaurants in Canada, BKRC requires a comprehensive and powerful solution that addresses every aspect of its business operations. MICROS was selected as BKRC's point of sale software provider for its complete enterprise solution, from software and hardware to localized, round-the-clock support. MICROS RES will allow BKRC to streamline the day-to-day business processes for inventory, menu, and pricing consistency from the corporate office; improve guest ordering, and provide a way for BKRC to respond quickly and effectively to market trends and needs.

Globally, Burger King Corp. is also leveraging the mymicros.net suite of products hosted by MICROS. mymicros.net is a powerful data warehouse and business intelligence solution, integrated to existing restaurant systems, and provides easy access to operational and financial information. The mylabor module allows centralized employee management solutions for time clock, payroll pre-processing, and overall restaurant human resource tasks in one, easy-to-use, online user interface.

MICROS is currently being deployed corporately in most countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Singapore, China, and Italy.
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