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The 5D Group Launches OYA Resorts

OYA Resorts are based on a new pioneering model in hospitality, where visitors are required to have an NFT membership.
Oya Resorts virginia aerial shot
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The 5D Group, a conglomerate whose portfolio includes ventures in the Home Design, Technology, and Investment sectors has announced the launch of OYA Resorts, a new chain of exclusive membership-only longevity resorts around the world.  OYA Resorts are based on a new pioneering model in hospitality, where visitors are required to have an NFT membership, either Local, Global or Business. Minting will be taking place the first week of December after the project's official launch at Art Basel in Miami. (To join the whitelist, please visit

Several OYA locations are set to open this month, in Upstate New York, Virginia and the Dominican Republic, with additional resorts in Greece, Rwanda and Mongolia scheduled to open in 2023.  OYA is not the traditional volume driven hospitality resort, but rather a platform focused on individually curated experience. All the resorts will have boutique settings with maximum 60 guests, spread through vast land between 100 - 250 acres to ensure privacy to all members.  Although OYA locations offer all the luxuries of traditional resorts, including private chefs and exclusive spa services, the longevity retreats offer an experience a "traditional" resort does not -- cabins are built to experience how nature and its elements work, an outdoor spa which celebrates ancient wisdom and tradition, holistic chefs preparing farm to table meals, and a team of experts will introduce visitors to the latest and greatest technologies available to achieve one's longevity goals. Visitors can also choose to be in full control of their daily routine -use the facility to explore one's inner potential, explore the gardens and AI-operated aquaponic containers harvesting the produce, cook their own meals and set their own schedule.

Global NFT members will also have access to the exclusive OYA Private, with two currently available locations -- in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan, as well as in the Hamptons.  OYA Private guests will receive all special services available at the resorts and will be able to observe the integration of the OYA Resorts philosophy into the city/urban lifestyle.

"Unlike many crypto currency projects out there, our NFT's are actually backed by tangible assets," says Mayan Metzler, Co-Founder of The 5D Group. "Creating OYA Resorts lifetime memberships as NFTs is adding an important additional benefit as an investment since in addition to the great benefits of owning a membership and accessing our great locations around the world, the NFT memberships will rise in value and will be a great investment for any of our NFT's holders." 

"Our busy lifestyle brought us through many challenges we had to face and deal with. And through this tough route we have realized that we want to build a place which will have an irreplaceable value and will help people progress into their deeper potential without a necessity to travel to very remote places," says Michala Metzler, Co-Founder and Chief Curator of OYA Resorts.  "Our locations will allow people to not only take a break from their busy lives but also to truly focus on their personal wellbeing in multiple ways, hopefully attaining some form of transformation. We are bringing together multiple practices, including the various healing methods from multiple cultures around the world, both Eastern and Western medicine as well as old world wisdom of indigenous cultures and integrating those with cutting edge technologies.  We believe that transformation comes only through a profound experience. OYA's grounds are built in a way, that each activity or service comes with an added value of a deeper experience.  OYA is a luxury Longevity contemporary space created for forward thinkers and dreamers to meet, share experiences together," she adds. 

Currently, there are forty thousand local level membership NFT's available – ten thousand for each location (NY, DR, Virginia and Greece); ten thousand global level membership NFT's; and ten thousand global business level membership NFT'S. 

Exclusive Holder-Only Utilities and Benefits Include:

* Access to OYA locations now and any future ones that open up around the globe.

* Access to all OYA annual events/parties for NFT holders plus a guest.

* Access to supplements exclusively developed by OYA for longevity, as well as health tracking technology, and one-on-one workshops and classes with world renowned experts in holistic and longevity.

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